How to register

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The requirements for joining the Association are:

  •  Have a technical teaching qualification given by a federal organization;
  • To be presented by an associate or by the I.K.T.A. President.

However, it is possible for anyone who is not an instructor or teacher, but is interested in achieving this qualification, to enroll in the course for teachers, becoming at the same time an I.K.T.A member.

The essential condition for maintaining the status of member is to follow the Association’s programs and activities.

To register or renew your membership, you can fill in the registration form on this page. The request will then be submitted to the Board of Directors for the necessary acceptance.

The annual membership fee is € 40.00 and must be paid on the first appointment in the program or by bank
transfer, attaching the payment receipt directly in the form.

Bank details:
UNICREDIT agenzia di Desenzano del Garda (BS)
codice BIC  Swift:   UNCRITM1M06
codice IBAN:    IT73F0200854463000104643039

On request it is possible to pay with Paypal and Credit cards

Membership I.K.T.A.

    Member of other organizations:

    Looking at the statute of I.K.T.A. (nternational Karaté Teachers Academy) and being interested in achieving the association's institutional goals and also sharing its spirit and ideals. I submit to the President­Presidential Board of I.K.T.A. (International Karaté Teachers Academy) the application in order to be:

    to I.K.T.A. (lnternational Karaté Teachers Academy) as:

    Attach the payment confirmation

    lf admitted:

    • I will release I.K.T.A. (lnternational Karaté Teachers Academy) and his teachers-trainers from any direct and indirect responsibility coming from my participation to the initiatives in which I.K.T.A. is directly or indirectly ìnvolved and
    I will hold I.K.tA. (lnternational Karaté Teachers Academy) and its teachers-trainers harmless against any third party's claim.
    • I will undertake to accept the Statute. the Rules and Regulations of 'IKTA' without reservation and to all effects and purposes, as well as all the decisions, regulations and resolutions of the competent controlling Bodies of 'IKTA if consistent and respectful of the Law and the Statute.
    • I will undertake to not make use of technical plans if not preventively approved by the I.K.T.A. Board of Dìrectors.



    In the event that the form cannot be used, the registration request can be sent by email to the following e-mail address:  together with the privacy information and consent form (two pages) duly signed

    Disposable documents:

    1. Application form for membership and renewal to the Association ITA ENG
    2. Instructors and Master course
    3. Application form for registration to the training course